say your name

Baltimore is not that large of a town. Occasionally, the following situation happens to me. You, a friend or acquaintance of mine, will see me on the sidewalk in a random part of town as you are driving by, and will recognize me. In the excitement of the moment, you will yell out my name. “Hey, Matt!” or “Matt Post!” or “Matt!” By the time I can register what’s happened and look up, you have disappeared around the corner or down the road. Unless I am able to recognize your voice or process what’s happening quickly enough to see your face or car, I’m left wondering who you are. Almost no information was exchanged and, unless you think to bring it up in the near future, before we have forgotten the event, I will never know that it was you who passed me by.

I would like to suggest that, in such situations, instead of yelling my name, you yell your own name. That way, we both have the pleasure of the recognition.1

  1. A tip o’ the hat to Connor C., a friend of mine who executed on this a month or so after I shared this idea with a small group of friends, some time back. 

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